Do you also shop online?

Did you know that we can make money every time you shop?

Pass through Trooper first when shopping online and support us.



If you click on a shop on the Trooper page of MeteoTielt - MTPictures, that shop knows that you came via Trooper and that you want to support us. When you complete your purchase on the shop's website, they let us know how much money they are donating to us. This is sometimes a percentage of your purchase amount, sometimes a fixed amount.

That is how it works!

Every time you buy something through Trooper, a percentage goes to the cash register of MeteoTielt - MTPictures. Know that almost all well-known and less well-known shops are on it and that you don't pay a single red euro cent extra. Do you want to know more?

1. Visit our Trooperpage

2. Find the shop where you want to purchase

3. Make your purchase as usual

4. The shop donates a percent to us. You don't pay a single red cent extra


If you leave your email address before clicking through to a shop via Trooper, we will send you a confirmation email within the week. The well-known Patat! email. We will confirm the exact amount you have raised for MeteoTielt - MTPictures. A little aha moment!

Leaving your email address is certainly not mandatory. It is a shame that you do not find out how much money your purchase for MeteoTielt - MTPictures has generated. Please know that MeteoTielt - MTPictures will receive the money anyway, whether or not you leave your details. Oof!

If you choose to also leave your name, MeteoTielt - MTPictures can see how much all your purchases have yielded together. And no worries: they don't know what you have purchased.


Is there a difference between purchasing with or without Trooper?

Very important to know: there is no price difference. You pay exactly the same for your purchase with or without Trooper. The only difference is that the shop donates a percentage of your purchase to us through that extra click via the unique MeteoTielt - MTPictures page.

No, registration is not necessary. Simply click on a shop from the unique MeteoTielt - MTPictures page before making an online purchase. This click tells the shop that you want to support us.

As always, you pay for your purchases directly at the shop. Trooper only ensures that the commission from your purchase ends up with us.

Of course. Trooper works on both mobile and computer. On mobile, you must ensure that when you click through to the webshop, the shop's website opens and not the app. The shops' apps often cannot yet register the Trooper cookie.

Very occasionally, your purchase does not generate a commission because some web shops do not give a commission on certain product categories or because you used a discount code or voucher. We always indicate exceptions in the pop-up that you receive before you click through to one of our partner shops.

Yes! At Trooper, the partner shop donates a percentage of your purchase amount to us. So you don't pay an extra euro yourself.