I am Geert, an amateur photographer from Tielt. My passion lies in capturing the magic of nature, especially during the enchanting moments of sunset. As a resident of picturesque Tielt, I am privileged to work in an area rich in beautiful landscapes and breathtaking sunsets. 

I also own the weather station MeteoTielt (hence MTPictures), where I often coordinate my photography plans. As a landscape photographer, weather is a crucial factor in my passion. I follow the weather forecast closely to capture the perfect conditions for my photos. Whether it's dramatic skies with clouds that seem to be on fire during the sunset, or the softer pastel colors of a serene evening sky, the weather plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere in my photos.

When I grab my camera and hit the road, I'm always looking for those unique moments where the light, colors and compositions come together perfectly to create a breathtaking landscape. I walk through fields and forests, always looking for the best place to set up my tripod and set up my camera. I take the time to observe my surroundings and understand how to best capture the landscape to capture its essence and beauty in my photographs.

The sunset is one of my favorite moments to photograph. The warm glow of the setting sun, the shadows stretching across the landscape and the reflection of light in the water create a magical and enchanting spectacle. I use different techniques to capture the dynamics of the sunset, such as long exposures to emphasize the movement of the clouds or using filters to enhance the colors and improve contrast.

As a photographer, I am always looking for ways to improve my work and discover new techniques. The weather station MeteoTielt plays an important role in this. By consulting weather forecasts and meteorological data, I can better plan my photography plans and choose the right locations and moments to capture the most breathtaking sunsets.

My passion as a photographer has also given me the opportunity to discover and share the beauty of my local environment with others. I love sharing my photos on social media and my website, and inspiring people with the beautiful landscapes I capture. My goal is to show others how special and fascinating nature can be, and to make people aware of its beauty.

So, if you are ever near Tielt and want to witness a breathtaking sunset, drop by MTPictures. I am ready to capture the beauty of nature and share the magic of sunsets with you.

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If you want to learn more about my passion, be sure to take a look at my blog or portfolio page.

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